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Rum Cake Recipe From Scratch

RUM CAKE RECIPE FROM SCRATCH. coconut cake delivery. sour cream pound cake recipes scratch.

Rum Cake Recipe From Scratch

    from scratch

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    rum cake

  • A rum cake is a type of dessert cake which contains rum.
  • Jamaican multi-purpose desert where the main ingredient – Jamaican rum – is used to control the cake’s intended use: ease the chore of baking, relax visiting mother-in-laws, put the kids to sleep early, or give a birthday party a special spin.


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rum cake recipe from scratch

1 juli 2011 Green from Scratch

1 juli 2011 Green from Scratch
1 juli 2011
Forum Green from Scratch with
Paul Kroese (T?F), Wang Hui, Liu Xiaodu (URBANUS), David Gianotten (OMA-HK), Egbert Stolk (TU Delft), Kristian Koreman (ZUS), Margot Weijnen(NGI), Wouter Vanstiphout (TU Delft, Crimson Architectural Historians), Barend Koolhaas, Su Yunsheng (Tongji Urban Planning & Design Research Institute), Alain Fouraux (Nervecorp), Deborah Hauptmann ovb (TU Delft),Wenchian Shi (MVRDV) , Yusen Chen (TNO).

photo: Carel van Hees


Caramel Almond Cream ~ A cold custard made from scratch and seved on top of sponge cake soaked with Rum or coffee. Sprinkle with Pralin ( Caramalized slivered almonds )

Recipe adapted From "Mastering the art of French Cuisine "by Julia Child.